The project

The I AM HERE project is a collection of portraits and stories of humans who are largely unseen, unheard or simply ignored. Our aim is to give visibility to these minorities through two simple gestures: looking them in the eyes and listening to their stories.

Migrants and refugees are too often treated as mere statistics, like easily-forgotten numbers that reveal nothing about the people behind them. In 2018, fed up with the way European politics and media were dealing with the issue, we decided to simply do something. We went to Sicily to meet these “numbers” and we found flesh-and-blood human beings, with stories that needed to be told.

About us

Line Kühl (1978) is a German cinematographer born in the GDR and raised in East Berlin. She studied Audio-Visual Media in Berlin and since 2009 she’s been working in the field of documentaries as a freelance Director of Photography for some of the most prominent European broadcasters and agencies all around the world.

Find out more about her work: here.

Giulia Ottaviano (1987) is an Italian freelance writer and Italian language teacher now based in Berlin. She grew up in Sicily and has lived in Milan, London and Bangalore. She’s published both fiction and non-fiction books. She’s worked as an Italian teacher for asylum seekers, jail inmates, teenagers and university students.

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